Bache Audio

Bache Audio is a small speaker and amplifier design company. We started out to make these and amplifiers for our own use. After a good deal of time and research we got excellent results so we decided to offer them commercially. The audiophile market offers many types of different loudspeakers and amplifiers but, if you want something new or are not satisfied with what you have, it is very difficult to pick what you will be happy with. Most of the famous brands offer classic two, three, or four-way complicated crossover designs. Some brands like Voxativ, Omega, and Audience offer a single driver crossover-less design. Some like Thiel use only the simplest first order crossover. Bache audio hybridizes design so all our models use the full range main drivers to reproduce the bulk of the frequency range, generally 80 Hz – 10 KHz with no crossovers in this critical region. So all three designs blend a pure midrange with excellent, airy highs, and punchy bass.